Romantic sex on the roof

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Two are on the roof of their clothes waves by the wind, they look at each other and smiling kiss, gently, but gradually there is a passion, she was wearing a dress, and it is a shirt, she slowly rast¸givaet he buttons of his shirt, and he looks at her with a tiger passion and she still takes off his shirt, he eagerly jumped on a fast and she passionately kisses masterfully, moving his hands over his back, sinking his hands slowly on the ass, buttocks, kissing her neck, earlobes and lips, she start. She has irregular breathing ... he touches her hand squeezes the chest ..., the strong ... ... then gently through the dress .. Takes the bottom of the second hand of her dress and removes it through up
And he sees it in his underwear, he admired her beauty .. and she was thrilled with expectations. He pounced on her and kissed with such passion as he could. Took off her bra and kissed her breasts, and the right hand slowly moved down to her vagina ... He teased her stroking her thighs ...
After all, she had wanted to experience the finger into the vagina, but he moved his hand over his hips and closer to the vagina is near the verge of ... finger pushes back ... thus "tortured" her.
Then he abruptly tore off her panties and inserted a finger into her vagina, she moaned hard as he slid into her finger gently and slowly, and the second hand touched her clitoris, her pierced electric shock, and he quickly tugged at the clitoris, she struggled in convulsions and while it was possible to say unconscious, he took off his pants with shorts, and when she was on the threshold of orgasm, put a member into her vagina and she cried ...
And he passionately, like a tiger pecked her and after a few minutes, too, finished ... And they fell asleep right on the roof ...

As our emerging sexuality?

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As our emerging sexuality?
At what point does a person starts feeling a desire to be not just pull the pussy, because it's nice, but think of at this moment absolutely certain chto-to associated with him personally - that then imposes imprint on all subsequent sex life?
Of course, psychologists of all stripes long ago sent us into the world of childhood (Uncle Sigmund, hello!).
But the question is: how? The same circumstances call in different little man completely different reaction ...
That's TV. And the "unwound" a popular program. Parked "in good hands" little baby from the orphanage. Girl. Close-up show: Girl weaves cornrows themselves ... But it is also diligently performs before the camera is something of the amateur ...
And then the question:
- Who do you want to be?
And the answer (without hesitation):
- Nurse!
Provocative question:
- And why?
And lovely, naive, delightful in its passionate, deep conviction, the answer is:
- I want to go into the bedroom at night, include sve! t and all the kids to do shots! ..
))) ...
Good luck, little princess of faerie BDSM!
Of course, this can put a full stop. It is clear: grow Lady, and it does not matter who it actually becomes, the tram driver or business woman.
Another question - what about the other little girls from this group survived the terrible night adventure with elements of sadism adult educators and nurses? They, too, will all be entirely to position itself in the future slaves and mistress? ..
Is not a fact. Someone did not hook this story. And someone turn away forever from the manifestation of whatever violence against them, as well as over someone else ...
Clear, fine weather in the fall?. Crowded bus at rush hour. Sweaty, greasy, burly man, pressed against the glass little girl with crimson with shame and horror face. He obscures his victim from indifference jostling people, sticks his paw under her blouse and long, leisurely, squeezes its scarcely forming shiesya plump breasts panting and trying not to hum with pleasure ...
Why did not the girl calls for help? Why did she suffers violence, breathless and ready to escape stifling a cry? It is a shame that everyone will know about it? To condemn it for what it got to this place? ..
Perhaps echoing through the beating heart leaping in my chest, it distinguishes between different pulse - the pulse pours sweet gravity somewhere in the abdomen? And, he ran home and closing (first closing!) In the bathroom, she masturbates furiously, closing his eyes and pulling myself nipples?
And her "bus" abuser at the time, wheezing, paw at home through the thin panties crotch juvenile playing little girl who absolutely does not respond to petting papkiny long accustomed to them as something taken for granted ...
Early summer morning. The whole camp still asleep. The room is filled with boys sweet languor, foreboding joyful carefree days and sunbeams play on the pristine white walls ...
Tightly drawn bed. The hand under the sheet! First, trembling with desire ing fingers, gently clasping (if inadvertently, as if in a dream!) nalivshiysya in predawn erection bud lying next to the boy ... And - oh, horror .. Oh, the pleasure .. The hand of the boy, gently compressing and responsively! caressing member neighbor ... Sweat on his forehead ... Fear to open their eyes so as not to meet the gaze ... sweet flour weary last seconds before ejaculation ... shortness of breath, a deep breath last, when it is still, you can hear or not! ..
Hands stained with someone else's semen, fear of exposure of soiled sheets, a quick turn to the side waiting for lift ...
And then - all the day one of the boys throws inflamed views on the other, can not think anymore about anybody in the world, and the second, as if nothing had happened, uhl¸styvaet for girls ...
Why is that, oh, my precious, my curious reader?
Where lies the line beyond which our sexuality takes on features of certainty and natural on the board further choice? ..

Mama and Aunt Marianne

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Hello. I want to tell you a story that happened to me back in my childhood.
I grew up in an ordinary Russian family, which millions. The only thing that was unusual, because this is what I have lost virginity are not all teenagers - with peers, and with her own mother. And if it be quite honest, not only with her own mother, but also with her friend that she was not really a friend, but more on that later.
For thirteen years I have grown up in a fully developed young man, with cockroaches in my head. I had a very happy family, mother and father got along well, can by the fact that his father often did not happen at home, I have it worked a lot. Mother, almost all his spare time to spend on my education, but followed him with his girlfriend Marianne's aunt, his colleague. We wandered around the store, to the house she stayed with us for the night often in the days when his father worked.
Since my parents' room and were far apart, and I did not hear what they were doing, maybe talk, I thought. Although I not even think I was busy with the other, because when the father was not sure I was almost one hundred per cent, that in my room and no one will go with peace of mind and a clear conscience, indulged in his favorite pastime - masturbation.
Here and in the evening there were no signs of surprises, I played in a computer and decided before going to sleep, so to speak at bedtime vzdrochnut. But before that alternates to the toilet. Walking around the room parent, I heard a little perceptible postanyvaniya ear, which in the least surprised, because there except his mother and aunt Marianne anyone should not be. I decided that it seemed and went past, but until defecate, current postanyvaniya about this and thought. On the way back decided to look through a crack, for me the interest to be cleared completely.
The door to the parents' room opened to the inside, and beneath the door handle was a small slot to which I fell down, squatting. What I saw shocked me, to put it mildly, it was evident from the slits bed, and the bed is ... ..
In short, my mother was standing in knee-elbow position, and loomed behind her aunt Marianne, the question was current than it loomed there, though I certainly knew how in the porn I saw two women amused themselves with rubber snap-on member. I never thought I would see this in nature. I did not notice how the hand was thrust into his pants and began to fondle already standing like a stake member. His mother, I had never seen a naked, her breasts swayed under the impact of Aunt Marianne.
Tits Mom was probably the fourth size, but in this position hung almost to the mattress standing nipples and rubbing of the sheet when it sagged. Aunt Marianne was able to consider, too, her breasts third dimension swayed in time with the movements. Aunt Marianne I really liked, it was a little younger and very beautiful mother. I've already forgotten about everything and frantically masturbate, that's about to finish, when happened to me embarrassment. I slipped on a rug in front of the door and hit her on the forehead, so much so that it opened and I stumbled straight into the parents' room, or rather fell into it. He fell with his hand in his pants. When I looked with frightened eyes at her mother and Aunt Marianne, in response to me, we watched two pairs of frightened eyes.
As a mom with Marianne had to jump under the covers and I did not notice all the current mother sitting under a blanket, his head sticking power, Aunt Marianne did not seem as shy, a blanket tucked in, the current lower part of her body. My actions were probably the same predictable, I jumped up and ran away to his room. Came running, I sat on the bed and sat. And it is not replaced as after half an hour there was a knock at the door. All I thought, sitting in the red as a lobster, will curse, or something like that.
The door opened, and my mother called me to her room, said something about a serious conversation, and I went on a penalty.
He sat down on the bed and the parent prepared for anything. In the room everything was tidy, and the bed filled with mom and aunt Marianne sat on either side of me, what led me to even more confusion.
You see my son, the beginning of a conversation my mother, your father is often not at home, and Marianne's my best friend, I hope all of you will see here will remain between us.
While the mother spoke, I stared wide-eyed at her chest, bowed his head, and the most unceremonious way looked at the edge of Sisi, peering out of the robe. When she sat down, her robe parted slightly and could see the areola.
Mom, the impression that I saw where I was looking and accidentally pushed the robe and now the whole tit visible. My cock stood up again, and stood stake, bulging through his pants. At this time in the conversation butted Aunt Marianne, that's talking, talking, but the words I have not heard. She said and stroked my leg, higher and higher, and has been accidentally touched the member through his pants, I started and just like as if woke up, realized what was happening. And that's what happened already, the mother dropped the top coat and I have been fully seen her tits, so big and beautiful breasts, even in porn movies you will not see these boobs. Aunt Marianne at this time stroking my penis with his hand in my pants, as they were for the affection.
Here the mother leaned over and kissed me, and her breasts were in my hands, I squeezed the chest and was just happy. Her robe fell to the floor, and I saw that there is nothing underneath it, and no, I have noticed a hairy triangle between her legs as she started to cover all my kisses the chest, neck, lips. I caressed her tits hands, she sat up and gave me the opportunity to take her nipple in his mouth. I alternately licking her breasts and at the same time his hand went down to her hairy triangles, he slid his hand between her legs and felt like everything is wet, soft and warm. Suddenly I felt my cock plunges into something warm, looked down and saw that Aunt Marianne had already pulled off my clothes and remnants of mouth caressing my cock, which was bliss, I thought I vot-vot finish, but it seems I felt it, stopped, taken to lick my balls and then again sank my cock in his mouth.
And it is swallowing it almost completely, although a member I was not small in size, the largest in the class.
The very same aunt Marianne, too, almost undressed, remained in shorts. Long certainly could not continue this torture and I began to violently put an end, it seemed, the sperm will not cease to flow out of me, and Aunt Marianne has not released all the member of his mouth, when e dried up, she sat up and merged in a kiss with my mother.
- You tasty sperm, the mother said to me and kissed me. I felt the salty taste in the mouth.
Aunt Marianne's not going to stop. After finishing with me she went to her mother, settled her between his legs and began to lick her crack, then pulled me and began to teach me how to move the tongue, so that mom got a little more fun. Mom at this time writhing and moaning.
From these caresses, I was excited again, my cock again stood stake and Aunt Marianne, noting it has helped me to lie down comfortably on the mother, and sent my cock into her pussy, there was so warm and wet, that he failed to stop and enjoy I experienced, was compared with what you can not. I moved to my mother, she was writhing, moaning, I saw as it gave her pleasure, and I myself was nice. Aunt Marianne at this time began to stroke my ass, pulled out a jar somewhere with some ointment and poured between my halves. Iron on the hole of the anus, testicles, then accidentally stuck her finger into my ass, pushes them out there, I still felt an incredible feeling. I was caught between two women who gave me incredible pleasure.
And then I was shocked that even stopped and sent my mother to move in. Aunt Marianne took off her panties and found a real member under them. About the size of mine. I looked at the member, on his chest ... Aunt Marianne, then at my mother. Mom understood everything, hugged me and whispered in your ear:
- What do you think my son, we're artificial ball?
I proceeded to my mother and Aunt Marianne approached us closer and took her mother poluvyaly cock in her mouth. My mother sucking dick just inches from my face, and for some reason I wanted to try, too, so they guessed straight and e Before I notice how her cock was in my mouth. I sucked not a lot, my mother and I have changed, and Aunt Marianne thus continued to stroke my ass, my anus, inserting I have two fingers. After a while, Aunt Marianne spared us and put his penis in my hole, heavily oiled and developed her fingers she missed a member of Aunt Marianne.
It moved me millimeter by millimeter, it seemed she would never finish it in me to shove. But she finally plunged into me a member of the most eggs and began to move back and forth, bringing me a sense of the unknown. At first it was a little hurt, then all the more pleasant and enjoyable each time. I felt for a mother who was moaning and screaming, and he was ready to scream with pleasure, which was delivered to me on both sides. Aunt Marianne fucked me already with frantic speed, but it does not move itself, and his mother moved me. I have nothing to think, when the mother huddled in a convulsive orgasm, I, too, was ready to it to flow out, orgasm on my rolls like the unusual feeling of pleasure rolled so that his feet became wadded, I felt like was the end, of the penis poured sperm, ass frantically began to shrink, and then I felt like a member of aunt Marianne began to pour out on me cum, pumping me with its warmth. Then we tumbled down, and a long time continued so to lie, I'm her mother and Aunt Marianne me.

Good father

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In one village lived a happy man. He had two daughters - good girl. Know their friends, and were accustomed to their posedki converge. And the old man himself was to paint the girls, zavsegda at night, as soon as they fall asleep, and climb to feel, and what does not bloat the hem, and that will work; a girl all is silent, so too was the restaurant. Well, there is tricky, so maybe he's the all-girls tried okromya their daughters. That happened a lot of them came together in the house girls, spun and had fun, but then all went home one evening: that Molotov said early in the morning, another mother punished to sleep at home, in the third father is ill. So all and left. And the old man snored himself in the loft and slept through dinner, and not seen as something the girls are gone. I woke up at night, tears from the shelf and went to feel the girls on the benches, and still felt at kasenka greater daughter, her hem turn-up and order still had covered, and it is - then the father-awake mother podmahnula. He gets up in the morning, and the old man asks his mistress:
And what the old woman if left early from us nochevschitsy?
- What nochevschitsy? The girls the night before everything went from house to house.
- What you're lying! And who am I to kasenka dyachil?
- Who? Vestimo anyone know a great dochuhu.
The old man laughed and said:
- Oh, her mother rastak!
- What, the old devil, swearing?
- Shut up, you old rake! I have a daughter on a smeyusya because she famously able to rise ... amb.
A smaller daughter sitting on the bench so wrap leggings leg, wants to wear bast, lifted his leg and says:
- After all, she was ashamed not rise ... amb some people say, the nineteenth year!
- Yes, it is true, evto your craft!


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The story that I will tell you is completely true and there was three years ago, and now let's face when I think of her I become incomprehensible excitement.
But all in order. My name is Cyril, my wife Tatiana, when we were 30 years old.
I have my own wholesale company, Tatiana helps me at the office, the firm is small and we do not have clear responsibilities, except for us two Stas manager, Oleg, and two store clerks Andrei and Sergei, all the guys are young and sociable.
Everything went wrong in the morning, we had a quarrel with Tanya because of some nonsense, I do not remember all the way to work in the car was swearing, no one wanted to concede. How evil today I had an important meeting with the supplier.
Arriving at work, I found the entire staff in the smoking room.
-Hello Kiril, what happened to your Tanyusha today, swept like a fury, 'said Stas.
-Wow guys, so much so trifle, 'I answered.
-By the way today, remember? We go to the bath as planned - said
In the bath we were going once a month, have a drink and discuss matters, sometimes invited girls.
Knowing that they could chat all day, I said in a firm voice:
-So the lads quickly to work.
No one to argue, as the head I'm pretty harsh, this helped me to my wife, she was also put in place any.
When I walked into his office, he found there is Tanya, she was leafing through some papers. I said to myself that Tanya today, especially beautiful. Dyed blonde, tall, slim, medium breasts, narrow waist, curvy ass, all this made her the object of secret desires.
I thought it was hard to think about the work of the team when near such a stimulus. But Tatiana did not think so, for her employees at work is not the people, no she did not descend, I remember how she chihvostila warehousemen for the shortage, I do himself secretly afraid of conflict with her.
But I sat down in the chair when the phone rang. At the other end of the line bass voice said: "awesome"
I recognized the voice, that Semyon Alexandrovich - our supplier, to tell the truth, I have not seen him nirazu and today it arrived in our city that would meet one very important question.
-Welcome Semen Aleksandrovich, you have already arrived? 'I asked.
-Of course, dear Kirill, - was the reply.
I did not like his style of talk, but he could afford it.
-Then I will send for you mashinu.- I babbled.
-Yes, I will be glad, Hotel Victory, - he said and hung up.
I summoned Oleg and asked him to pick up the seeds Alexandrovich and bring to the office, and he buried himself in his computer.
Twenty minutes later, the door opened and entered the room Semen
A., he was older than I had imagined, somewhere about fifty, tall with a slight paunch, his expression smug.
-A-aa Kirill, that's what you are, - he boomed.
I stood up and held out his hand, throwing a glance at Tanya muttered, "Bring two coffees"
Tanya stood up and paraded to the door.
Semen Aleksandrovich Poglazov after her, smacked his lips with relish, said "Yes, apetitnye secretary, and you're a fan of"
As I understood from this replica, female lover, he was himself. I thought, instead of whether to invite him to the bath, but ordered the girls, it would strengthen our relationship.
We sat down, he went straight to the point, pulled out of a suitcase and gave me a contract.
This contract, I have sought for more than two years, our company has become
the only representative in the region, and it promised a lot of money.
The door opened and in walked in Tanya, slowly shaking her hips, went to the table and putting the coffee, turned what would have to leave, but at this moment Semyon Alexandrovich slapped her on the rump, Tanya no hesitation to turn vlupit him on the cheek.
I turned green. There was a pause.
Tanya turned to me saying -"This is what a lustful pig?"
Then turned green Semen Aleksandrovich.
- Ta-anya, it - it's Semen Aleksandrovich, our supplier, I said,
But Tanya has slammed the door out of the office.
- I wanted to eeee, - I began
-It is not necessary is not necessary, because that's like welcome guests in your city," He said Semyon Alexandrovich got up and headed for the exit.
Everything collapsed in front of me.
When I recovered, I was found fury.
I jumped out of the office. In the hallway stood Stas, Oleg and my wife.
-Oh, you bitch, what are you doing, - I shouted.
-A place that would scream, think of me, you're my husband, - she said.
-Husband? at work I'm your boss, you ... you know what she had done,
I did not let up.
-And that I should behave like a whore? - She cried.
The situation grew tense, and Oleg Stas, looked at us and feared
-Will, you'll be a whore, if you say you clearly a bitch, I continued to yell.
-Fuck you - now Tanya screamed.
-This ... now go to the bath, I'll show you a bitch, you're dicks
suck if I told you, I realized - I flew.
-Come on, who do worse? Tatiana said quietly.
I ran out into the yard, got into his car and drove home.
Arriving home, the first thing I poured myself a glass of brandy, and began
Strangely it was then that I was seized for the first time what - something special
excitement, I could not understand why.
Having persuaded almost half a bottle, my thoughts began to come into order.
It is necessary to invite Semyon Alexandrovich in the bath and enjoy the girls, I decided.
Picking up the phone, I dialed the number of the hotel "Victory"I learn which room he stopped and asked to speak, after a short pause came the bass "Yes"
-Uh uh, it's Cyril, I'm sorry that it happened, it was a misunderstanding,
Today, we, uh, uh, we're going to the bath, relax, I decided to invite you - I babbled.
A-aa, so I'm not mistaken, you're an amateur - peacefully, he said.
We agreed that he was coming to the machine 20 -00.
Then, I called Oleg and said that he reminded the children that everything remains in place, a fee of 20 -00 bath, but before that he must take Semyon Alexandrovich.
My wife came about six o'clock, went into the bedroom and closed.
I again was overcome with rage and I remembered segodneshny day, opening the door to the bedroom, I saw my wife, she sat on the bed and cried, it infuriated me even more.
-Go take a shower and make-up, an hour later we will go to the bathhouse, I said, that would annoy her.
She turned her tear-stained face to me and said with hatred: "As you say, Kirill"
I realized that she did not give in and go to the end.
The thought I had a very strange and very excited.
To shower, Tanya does not like what had happened he began to paint her lips.
She thought I had saved, that the guts.
An hour later, it was necessary to do something, but I did not want to give up.
Once dressed, I cried "To the exit"
From the bedroom came Tanya, she looked at me, frightened, she thought that all this is a joke.
-On the way out my dear, though what it will be useful - I said
pleasure. And I saw her shudder, giving me a glowing look, it seems once again start to start, put on her coat and we went out into the street.
All the way to the baths, we drove in silence.
After arriving we went into the lobby, where we met a boy, his name Stas, when he saw me with a woman, he whistled,
- Wow, pretty, and the only one? skazanul it.
-Everything is in place? I asked.
-Yes, everything is already in the collection and cushy, this fat guy such a plant, -. Youth continued to babble.
We went to the locker room.
I began to undress quickly.
Tanya continued to stand.
-Undress, I -ryavknul
-Cyril, do you really want me to ..., 'said his wife in a low voice.
-Shut up and take off your clothes, - rudely cut her off me.
And from where this anger in me?
She slowly took off his coat.
-Kiril, sdes, our employees, that they too will be, uh ... I quietly went to ask ... Tanya.
I was silent.
Undressed, I threw on a bathrobe, and also made Tanya.
We went into the room as soon as we saw all of the sudden silence.
Stas almost choked. There was an awkward pause.
-That is, yes, of itself -vydavil Andryuha.
-What are you Kirill said to me that this is your wife, boomed Semen
Aleksandrovich. "Well, sit down, do not stand the whole evening."
I took my wife's hand and led her to the table.
My guys quickly fuss, freeing the best places.
Tanya did not utter a word.
Semen Aleksandrovich, aristocratic movement spilled over the vodka.
-And what will be the lady to drink? he asked.
-Nothing, I want a cool head, which would then in detail, tell it to my wife - she sehidnichela.
In ten minutes, we had a drink somewhere 3 bottles of vodka, trying to fill
awkward pause.
-What is your Tanya, and will not drink, 'he asked suddenly
Simeon Alexandrovich.
-Do not want to drink so let him work, I said a drunken voice.
I turned and bared her breasts, she resisted, just glared at all contemptuous look. This spurred me even more,
I got up, sbrsil bathrobe, for all to see brought my thick dick, I took Tanya's hair and roughly shoved into her mouth.
The room was friendly sigh, no one expected this.
Tanya, I tried planting deeply, for the most eggs, she weakly tried to pull away, but to no avail, her breasts swayed to the beat of my movements.
I fucked and fucked her in the mouth do not remember how much, but when he realized that the finish, pulled dick. Sooner I thought, everything is still ahead.
I took a step, looked at his suprgu.
Tanya's face flushed, carcasses flowed, she was breathing unevenly.
-Ai, Kirill, ah well done, which is not greedy, and Tanya you just super, -privstav said Semyon Aleksndrovich,
He realized that in order of seniority, and now it is his turn.
Going to Tanya, he is a gentleman gently stroked her cheek before inserting it into the mouth to its full length, and the length of somewhere near 20 cm.
And away we go again, Tanya walked out the throat squish.
-Nothing, Tanya, do you think in the morning that will relish suck me?
Ai as the great whore, ahhh ... moaning uncle.
Now he's just sit down my head Thani, currently on a member.
Staying, Simeon Aleksan- without taking the dick out of his mouth my wife, pulling her by the ears themselves. Tanya, that would not fall, and had to stand in the current half-bent position, he continued to fuck furiously in her mouth. I realized he avenged her for the insult wrought, poor Tanya, what is it now awaits.
From intense strokes, bathrobe my wife fell from the eyes of children povylazili out of their sockets, they saw a pussy, do not just pussy and pussy of his boss, how often it is their humiliated and now she is cancer and what that fat guy fuck her in the mouth.
-Well, you boys? podzadorilo Semen Aleksandrovich.
First ochuhalsya Stas, he looked at me, I smiled drunkenly.
He dropped the towel and went to Tanya.
-Wait, you first have sex the head, and after senior pussy and you will, 'said uncle taking dick from Tanenoy throat.
Tanya lowered her head and spat, wanted to straighten out such a humiliating posture, but the uncle did not let her do it, and parted her legs wider than the second pitching pushed her his dick in pussy.
Tanya bit her lip, tears burst out of the eye.
Going to my wife, Stas again looked at me, and seeing no objection, Tanya pushed on the jaw, lips parted as he drove the fastest push dick in her throat.
My God, I could not imagine that my wife touched another
a man, and then just two hard fuck my Tanya, without her consent.
Adjust the beat each other, they introduced the members at the same time to
smacking sound from his throat was added the sound of my pussy Thani. Tanya began to cry, her mouth drool flowed, but no one is
stop, her body continued with zeal to fuck with two strontium.
I looked at this picture and was happy. A member of my standing as never before.
When Stas groaned, Oleg flew to him on the move throwing off the towel, his dick was ready.
When Stas finished, he planted a little deeper and stopped pouring out his sperm deep in my wife's throat.
Tanya choked and had to swallow.
Once Stas took out his penis, his wife screamed and tried to remove a person from another member, but Oleg Tanya grabbed his head and stabbed in full, and again rushed. Semen Aleksandrovich, smiling sweetly squeezing the thighs of my wife, muttering, "On some whore, Kirill, about how lucky you are"From his fingers Tanya remained pyatna.Zadergalsya Oleg, and ending with saying: "Oh, that's how it happens, win!"
Pulling a member of the mouth, quickly stepped aside, seeing Tanya shouted at me: "Kiril, no, stop, please, stop it".
But nobody listened to his wife quickly podskachila Andrew Swati Tanya's hair.
-Andrew, stop, do not, no, - she cried.
But he opened her mouth and stuck his dick, cried sharply, pulled back
-She bit me, blyadyuga.- he wailed.
Semen Aleksandrovich swung gave zateschinu on the head of my Tanya, she cried, and at this point, Andrew again stuck to my wife in the mouth.
More Tatiana did not resist, and is detached cancer was taking members.
Finished Andrew, Tanya's face, spraying cum occlusive eye. When Sergei came, the wife herself opened her mouth and accepted dick.
A minute later he finished and Sergey, keeping up with colleagues finished on face.
Semen Aleksandrovich stopped: "O boys, so soon, you will have to study and learn"
Pulling out his penis, he went to his place.
Not an end, I thought, have seen Tanya still ahead.
My Tanya crouched. I went up to her took her hand and put him at the table.
Fucking my wife had the kind on display.
Tanya could not fully open his eyes, as prevented the sperm from the nose hanging droplet. Roth she held ajar, and from there flowed sperm with slyunoy.Volosy were ruffled at the neck stains fingers.
I looked at her and thought, and in fact was once a first kiss, first date, and now a pack of guys in front of me my fucking Tanya in her mouth, the contrast is so excited me that I could not hold on much longer. I came close to it, my dick was at its litsa.Ona understood everything and opened her mouth. I put it in my mouth, so that my prick rested her right cheek, my cock smeared a foreign sperm, fix the position, I abruptly left abruptly pulled out a member. Sprinkled on the table semen, Tanya closed her eyes and ran down her cheeks slezy.Pod friendly guffaw I repeated this several raz.Semen Aleksandroich, pouring another glass, he said:
-Today Tanya, you will gain invaluable experience in sex, you realize what a real woman is created.
They all nodded.
Meanwhile, I continued to batter his wife on the cheek.
This time I had finished rapidly, and deep planting, so that the sperm would
all left in my throat, whore.
When he finished, I walked away from her and drank a glass.
At this time, shouting "barbecue ready" Stasik flew administrator.
Seeing the whole picture, he stood rooted to the spot.
-Put skewers Stasik - paternal uncle voice said.
Stasik put the tray is not taking his eyes off Tanya.
-You can pop in, - I said.
The guy mumbled embarrassed, that will come later and disappeared.
-And do not we go to the bedroom - offered Stas, bad as he was impatient to even plant Tanyuha.
I took Tanya's arm and dragged her into the bedroom behind me walked a herd of naked men with protruding members.
Without hesitation, I put her on her back, so that would be his head was on Vis, and then stabbed her on the eggs, a familiar squelching when a member burst into the throat of my Tanya, this posture pozvlyayut kontrolirvat whole process dick entering, I took her behind the ears and began rhythmically stick to your dick. Stas leaping on his bed planted in front pussy. Tanya was lying quietly, but sometimes ... nervously clutching the sheet by hand. Having overcome your gag reflex, Tanya let in my dick in full, sometimes a member of what is rested, and then I shoved harder.
All were spellbound.
How long it lasted, I do not remember, but I would collapse to the ground, but continued
to push his wife into his mouth.
-Come on boys, bored people - Semyon Alexandrovich said.
We Stas pulled Dicks and not finish.
My uncle took place, and Tanya went to Oleg, and again went hard fuck.
After a few tremors in the mouth, wife began to wheeze, then uncle
He pulled out his club, but not for long, and again sunk into the throat of Thane,
I heard him saying: "I'll show you lustful pig,
blyadyuga, will suck until conscious"
He increased the tempo and eggs have become a ringing slap Tanya beat in the nose after a few seconds, the uncle took another jolt and gave his dick Tanya in the throat, so that his balls closed her nose. Tanya arched her back, her hands trying to shove uncle, but he did not think to take out dick, Used until it will pour out all the sperm and took cock slowly.
Tanya did not understand, gasping for air, her face became even redder.
It zrelesche dokanali Oleg and he finished second time.
She was not given a rest and new change, adjust, in a comfortable posture.
Tanya tried to show that it is not caught her breath, but what do drunken men to some whore, let this whore of the boss.
Everyone was trying to shove her pogubzhe, as if in revenge for petty offenses.
Andrei and Sergei, Tanya fucked so cruelly, each had their own reason.
Fifteen minutes later, a fucked. Storekeepers almost finished
odnovremenno.Vynuv member of the pharynx Andrew, departed wife's head hung limply.
-Well very nice boys - said dyadka.- "And now let's drink
We went sat at the table ate and drank.
Then uncle struck a conversation and he told us how the conductor fucked in the ass.
Then he FPIC me:
-Did you fuck her in the ass Tanya.
The question put me in a dead end, because here were my subordinates, but after that they are done with her, it was all too early.
-Yes, if you can persuade -chestno I admitted.
-A Kirill, she must love anal sex, in doing so, we'll help you, right guys? I asked uncle
-True - wail boys.
-But the main thing in anal sex, it is hygiene, I bet your wife back no soap? I asked Semyon Alexandrovich.
I sat silently and did not know what to say.
-That's what we'll go to Stasik and ask him for an enema
Tanya - he suggested uncle.
The entire team fueled the desire to fuck the boss's wife in the ass, he moved in the cold.
Well, I went into the bedroom. Tanya lay on the bed and looked at one
point, I felt sorry for her, but when I came closer to her, she jumped up and shouted:
-Oh bastard, fucking pervert, well, wait a minute I have, -orala it.
And how she had so much energy, I thought.
I approached her and gave her a slap.
-Now, my dear, will have your zhopu.-I said evil.
It is thought that all was over, that the men behind it.
Her eyes widened and she faltered:
-No, no you do not, I, I will not let svolchi, perverts.
This tirade continued for however long, but I went up to her, took her hair and once again put his dick in her mouth.
Jerky, helping her hips, I planted my cock deeper and deeper, she tried to pull away, but I recorded the situation in which my cock rested against her throat wall, in such a situation, and I found the rest of the orgy.
-About Kirill, so you do not lose time in vain, - the uncle said."Well, boys, wear, wash girl".
Four men grabbed my Tanya's hands and feet and dragged him into the shower, and I trudged behind them.
Tanya tried brykatya, but all to no avail. She laid on her back, and Andrei Stas held hands, and Oleg and Sergei pinned his legs to his stomach.
-Tanyushenka Well, what are you so upset, we also teach you, you still live so live, and in the ass more than once to give the peasants, so just relax, sentenced Semen Aleksandrovich. And typing water enema, pulled her into my ass Thani, rinsing several times, it turned over on his stomach to continue the procedure. Rectum-Thani, was clean, I thought it was in the morning did not eat anything, only now swallowed sperm.
After this humiliating procedure, Tanya again suffered in the bedroom.
By putting on all fours and spread his buttocks uncle, moistened with saliva member, Tanya tried to plant in the ass.
Resigned to his fate, my wife arched her back and hips relaxed, that would not be so bolno.S third attempt dick slowly crept up the ass of my wife, slowly increasing the tempo, uncle zealously shoved into the rectum to my wife.
Stas knelt again pulled my head Tanya to your penis, and again rushed.
Member already easily sign up in the ass for the most eggs.
-Well damn how you dick in the ass, -kryahtel Semyon Alexandrovich and a couple of times on the buttocks shlepul.
Ten minutes passed, but no one thought to stop.
Breathing heavily, walked away from the ass of my wife's uncle, was replaced by Serge.
It lasted about an hour somewhere, but no one could come.
-And let's ambush her in Troy, 'I said I (have seen this many times in porn and I was healthy plant)
Tanya gave me a pitiful look, she wanted to be as quickly as possible all over.
Andrew lay down on the bed, we put him Tanyuha, bent her ass she entered Oleg.
Tanya soprativlyalas, helplessly staring at me when Tanya earned ass and pussy, I approached her again and pulled her mouth to your cock.
She looked straight into my eyes, and I looked at her and continued to fuck by a dick throat.
After some time, she ended Oleg, juicy cum pouring Tatiana ass.
He was replaced by Serge. It lasted a long time, the guys succeeded each other, but somehow ends only in the ass of my wife.
Probably have the boss's wife in the ass, this is the greatest desire of any
- Let us be all over her face, - Stas offered.
My Tanya picked up and put together on the floor in a circle it immediately
I formed a semi-circle of standing members.
Strangely, the erection is not who has not diminished, it was evident that all
excited to the limit.
Tanya closed her eyes and obediently opened her mouth, she immediately burst into the throat member.
Fucks her rough, planting all the way, Tanya in her eyes filled with tears again.
She obediently sat down and put up his hands all unizhniya, someone beat a member of her forehead, even tried to stick in just two members.
Twenty minutes later, a hard fucked in the mouth, Tanya oklyuchilas.
-Well, let them rest, - said Semen Aleksandrovich.
They returned to the table, and I poured a glass of water, splashed in the face of his wife.
Tanya began to rebound.
I picked her up and carried her into the shower.
There, she gave vent to emotions, crying, cursing our company.
I stroked her wet hair, and again took the hand.
-No, Cyril, no, I do not want to go there again, not - she wailed.
-It is necessary to Tanya, nothing a little left - I comforted her.
She sobbed on my shoulder.
I brought it to the table and sat.
-Well cheer up, 'asked Uncle.
At this point came administator Stasik, brought another vodka.
-Come, darling Tanya and suck him - suggested Simeon Alexandrovich.
Tanya stood up, I removed the legs and she left the table, knelt down, closed her eyes and opened her mouth.
I knew it was broken.
Stasik blushed, but that would not lose credibility in the company of men, rastegnul pants and pulled his pants.
Thrusting, has not really risen dick my wife in the mouth, and began vigorously to pull the hips.
At this time, we drank another glass.
Looking at his wife, I thought fuck it somewhere for five hours, without ...
Stasik let out a sigh of pleasure and pulling dick, cumshot on tits Tanya.
All were firmly on fun, Andrei slept his nose buried in his plate.
Suddenly he jumped up from his seat Stas, ran to my wife, drunken voice he shouted:
-Please note, a fatal number, deep blowjob
He drove with all the dope Thane your dick to the entire length and in that position
Tanya began to choke, weakly trying to shove it, then tried to stand, but Stas held her by the throat. Firmly.
It was so sudden, I did not expect this from Stas.
I went up to him and punched in the ear.
Stas jumped aside in fright and stared at me.
-Well, well boys, let's live together - a sweet voice said Seme Mr. Alexandrovich. - Kirill And you do not be greedy, soon to rest,
Tanya let's put on the table and poslednimu Razka.
Hearing these words, Tanya pleadingly looked at me, but I looked away.
Tanya began to sob, tears were gone.
Freeing the table, raised her hands and feet, put on the table, with his legs behind her ears.
All prisudstvuet opened an unforgettable view. Razebannaya pussy and ass appeared in public.
From such a spectacle members all stood up again.
Tanya obediently lay motionless, apparently realized that the ass still have to work.
So it was just fucked her in the ass, one after another.
Looking at it as a member enters the rectum my Tanya, I thought that her anus razebali thorough.
Somewhere in an hour, when all received satisfaction, we decided to go home.
I took Tanya in his arms and carried her into the shower again, undermining her, I kissed her on the mouth otrahanny, she smelled sperm.
When I brought it to radevalku, all dressed already.
-Well, Kirill, and you're done, and the wife of thy fellow, to amuse the old man, - he said
Semen Aleksandrovich and patted me on the shoulder.
I said goodbye to all, dressed himself, put his wife and called a taxi.
Tanya was silent all the way.
At home I put Tanya on the bed, undressed and began to undress her husband.
When I took off jeans, then her legs lifted her to the top, her panties
nebylo, as a drunk, I did not find them.
I again opened Vidocq fucking my wife's labia were swollen and reddened, the opening of the anus zazyvayusche parted, apparently not yet had time to restore after group sex. I stood up, his eyes sparkled, I remembered all that was last night, and I faced a wave of excitement.
I planted it in the ass, Tanya opened her eyes and looked around, but saw me one closed them again.
I fucked her in the ass for half an hour, and not finish.
Then he turned it over on its side, so that would be the head lying on the pillow,
He opened his mouth and stuck once again in her glodku.
It was dry, it seems Tanya wanted to drink, but to drink, I did not let her and fucked her in the mouth with the rest of the night. It looks like friction on dry otdovat sore throat, sometimes Tanya moaned and whimpered, but I was not begging and furiously tore her throat, trying to shove all member vmese eggs in her mouth.
Somewhere in the morning, I'm all vydyhsya, pulled out a member, several times I hit him in the face and my Tanya went to bed.
So I ended this skazachno night for me and for my wife a terrible Thani.
By the way, after that night, I loved it even more.
At work she was released only after 4 months.
During this time, I dismissed all the participants in this orgy.
After that night she has changed, become more attentive to new employees, I suspect it oposaetsya consequences.
Last year we became the father of a son Misha.
On this night, she does not remember, and I'm not saying chustvuya guilt.

Irina Nikolayevna

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After studying at the institute, I got a job at a small company on the sale of furniture. I have appointed a probationary period to learn and put in the cabinet with one woman. It was an amazing woman named Irina. She was 35 years old so high in the third the size of the breast. I really liked her long hair scattered over her shoulders. But the main advantage it had legs! These feet I saw near the first time! Irina seems to know about it, I've never seen her in jeans or trousers. We quite quickly became friends, and she helped me to work. At every opportunity, I admired her legs upholstered kolgotochki.
I never saw that they were in puffs or torn. Imagining how I kiss the feet, much excited and fleeing to the bathroom quietly masturbate. And then one day sitting at work, I heard that she had that something fell. Turning my head, I saw that Irina crawled under the table to pick up. Her skirt rode up and I was stunned. It was evident that her legs, wearing stockings, with elegant lace elastic and pussy hidden little lace panties. My cock just shot up. Well you sit? Help get the staples! I reached under her desk in his search as she sat in a chair. The table was big and I was placed under it completely. At this time, it opened the door to the office and someone came in. Irina scooted over to the table and blocked me out. She spread her legs and I enjoyed their views closely. And where Vadik? Said a voice, and I recognized the girl from a neighboring department. It was Vic. We were scheduled Coy, what kind of relationship, but it was not that what I wanted. And he came out, said Irina, do you want something? Vick began to ask about me.
Then I felt like Irina hand fell under the table and taking me by the back of his head pressed to his feet. At first I was taken aback, but he realized what an opportunity, began silently to kiss her feet in stockings. Gradually climbing up. Irina scooted to the edge and even wider spread her legs, as if nothing had happened, talking with Vika. I ran his tongue up and skin passed strip licked her panties. Irina started and strongly pressed my head to him. Unable to find ways to push them aside, I licked and kissed her panties. Irina began to tremble, her panties were wet with desire. Something -like, to control himself, she shoved Vic, promising to send me to it as show up. Irina grabbed me with both hands already beginning to crawl on my head panties. And with a groan came. I felt that too finish, I izlivshis in your pants.
She moved away from the table and released me. Rising came up to me and kissed me on the lips. Thank you! Sorry - that found! This thank you! Always ready to give you this small favor! Be sure to take advantage of! And he runs his hand in my pants. You're all wet! And pulling his hand out of panties, he licked his finger, finished! Graceful movements took off her panties and handed it to me. That dress! They are yours! Now get to work! By the end of the work it is as if nothing unprecedented behaved like a bud - that would be nothing debts. However, the next day closer to the dinner Irina went to the door and closed it on the lock. Going up to my desk, she took off her skirt and got ass on the table. Well repeat? Seeing her shaved pussy with a small island at the top, I could not resist and fell to her mouth. So I became her personal Lizunov, and soon she introduced me to her husband, and invisibly somehow I turned to their little girl. But that is another story

Irina, Natasha and I

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Irina, Natasha and me.
Good. I Franfurkte and in the third day. I walk around the city, drink beer is the real German, and look at the Germans. City certainly big and pretty good. Sorry, the language of my German is not important. Have to explain to five times. But in the Institute of the German language exam and graduate candidates at least I passed on the five.
Practice is needed.
And now I go to the cafe with self-service and go up to the counter.
And I start, tortured to explain what I need. The man behind the counter does not understand
The cafe comes to a young girl and goes to the counter.
I continue to explain to the man behind the counter that I had, and he still does not understand.
In the hearts I express myself purely in Russian. The German does not understand, and looks at me. Here the conversation takes a girl and says something to the Germans. And lo and behold, he was giving me all that I need.
I am trying in German to thank her, but she stops me and says, purely in Russian:
-What do you? The Russians, though the former still are Russians.
- You are Russian? Oh my God. My name is Alexander.
-Yes, ten years ago, I have left Russia. My name is Irina.
-And I'm here with friends stopped them twelve years ago came here.
-Many of us here. Only rarely meet. Work work.
-Do you work?
-No, I am a programmer.
She buys a coffee and sit down at my table. And for an hour asking me about Russia. And I'm happy to tell her everything I know. And story realize that for three days already missed Russia.
After talking with her, we go out into the street.
-Irina, let's go to my friends, they are very hospitable, and even after my departure you will be where to go.
We go on foot to my friends. Before them a half-hour walk. In a way we are again talking about Russia.
Near the gate of my friends of the mansion is a thoughtful host Andrew. And I do not have time to present it, Irina, as he says:
-Sasha, I'm leaving on a business trip to Dresden for a month and now urgently. We probably will not see you before you left.
-Well, what can you do the work in Russia in the first place, so here a fortiori.
We hold on tight, and he get into the car and drives away.
On the threshold stands Natasha - wife of Andrew and my girlfriend.
-Here you can see how it happened - she says and looks into my eyes, as if to ask, and who is this?
-Meet - is Irina, our compatriot, the Russian woman - I say, nodding at Irina.
-Very well, and I Natasha - Natasha says Irina with a friendly smile.
We go into the living room, where already set the table for my coming. On the table are the champagne and Russian vodka with all sorts of snacks.
-I'll just get changed - says Natasha and goes to his room.
-Please sit down - I say Irene - What are you doing here, not so?
-Oh no you - all is well. I have not been in Russian.
I sit down next to her and we watch TV.
Do not have time, we see the same scenes even before the end, Natasha appears. She is wearing a short robe. And it looks so exciting, that I break away from her eyes and look at Irina, I can see the admiration in her eyes.
Irina, not looking up, looking at Natasha, and I can feel the change in her breathing.
-Well, that will look at me or champagne for an acquaintance's drink - with a winning voice says Natasha.
-Sure my girls - I say and start to open the champagne, and the girls laid out snacks on plates.
-For introduction of brotherhood with a kiss on each of the ladies? - I cry, and did not have time to Natasha knew it, I kiss her on the lips, and drink a sip of champagne. Then, going up to Irina, and kissed her on the lips.
Irina was confused, but did not pull away.
-Perhaps the girls also want to kiss each other - Natasha cries and came to Irina passionately kisses her lips, and Irina meets her affection tightly pressed his lips to Natasha. They kiss each other, it seems to me with a passion.
And when they end up kissing, until the bottom of the glasses upset.
I follow their example. And I do not have time to put his glass as Natasha commands:
-Pour one more, and at once!
I follow orders. And after a little snack Natasha gets up and gives a toast:
-For love. Let it be eternal and diverse!
When she was seated, then her short robe swings, and we see with Irina that she no panties. Completely naked pussy time to look at us. Taking a break and not closing it, Natasha allows us to admire its beauty, and then closes it imperceptible movement.
An hour later, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of vodka devastated.
Ladies sitting t¸plenkie and tender.
Natasha includes music, and she goes to watch a cake that stands in her oven.
-How are you feeling? - I asked Irina.
-Great - just wondering how there with them on the second floor?
-Come on, let's see - I say to Irina, and we go to the second floor.
On the steps Irina stumbles, but I pick and delight kissed her lips nervously as the young man. But Irina respond to me in return.
I pick her up and kissing carry into the room where I sleep. Irina grabs my shoulders and hands firmly pressed his lips to me.
I bring it into the room and bed to bed. Continuing to kiss her, I undress her.
When she remained naked, I jump on the floor and quickly take off all my clothes.
Irina saw my excited member, upsets me on the bed, on his back and his mouth greedily swallowed my fighter if possible deeper. She pokes and shoves my cock, shoves and pokes. And I, spreading her legs and her lips to pripadaet pisunke and start to kiss and lick her. I feel the smell of desire and lick the liquid coming arrival. We are working smoothly and synchronously. And here we bring each other to orgasm, and the first joint screams fill the room.
I turn and start to kiss her lips. A hands caress her body: tender breasts, waist and perfect triangle pisy. From this Irina spreads her legs, and I finger caress the next few scenes from pisy and already want to poke a finger in the SAU. How to feel the hand of a third person removes it, and naked Natasha bites his lips in pipis Irina and her hands stroking her ass. Irina flinches in surprise, but seeing Natasha completely naked and licking her SAU, leans forward and drives pisoy Natashkiny lips. I begin to lick her breasts. Natasha, apart fingers SAU, part of his tongue inside pisy and gently starts to drive in her entrails, and lick my sperm, swallowing it.
-Oh, oh, oh - Irina starts screaming and trembling all over.
Natasha, continuing to lick CIMS, takes his hand and felt my cock in his hand a stone hardness of my cock, pulling him over, as if to say: "Come on darling - your job."
I point, being a seat, about recording Irina Irina go into the whole size of their shells and begin to push in and pull it out of the elastic recording.
With each thrust moaning Irina amplified and finally it explodes like a shell that had fallen on the plowed ground and shouts:
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-d- cry it stuns us with Natasha, but only for a moment.
I'm more excited this dolblyu orgasm virgin, powerful thrusts thrusting into her, and Natasha passionately kisses her chest and stroked his hand between her legs.
And when Irina calms down, I pull it out of his dick and interwoven in standing Natasha cancer. In her already burning, burning with excitement pussy. Methodically working in this flaming volcano of passion, I feel like screaming and platoon Natasha ublazh¸nnoy pussy yelling at the power of his throat:
-Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh - it is covered with goose bumps and shivers like a madman, standing cancer on Irina.
From precise work his projectile, Natasha crying and lying naked beneath the magnificent figure of Irene, I'm starting to go in ... in the world by the name of Mr. Orgasm. And I myself arches, thereby more deeply go into deep Natashkiny pussy and trembling, cry cry, the leader of the elephant, who calls him to drink subordinate herd:
-In-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - I blow up the room and with great speed to release a portion of the hot sperm Natasha.
Natasha, starts from a sense of gratitude and pour the liquid into it passion.
-Oh, thank you, dear - she says, and starts to play up my ass, twisting it in a clockwise direction, and with one hand stroking the chest of Irina and the other two fingers sink into her pussy a little rested.
I dolblyu and dolblyu Natashkiny pussy, smeared with sperm and releases her body. And my friend in the stone of the wall bliss ter¸tsya sensuality storage.
And after about three minutes of joint work, we cry at the same time the three of us into the space of the house - the witness of love comfort three young organisms:
-Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo - I scream, filling the hole with sperm Natashkiny
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - Irina screams.
-Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh's - Natasha interrupted our cry, gratefully accepting a product of my penis.
And when everything calms down, then if we know a hundred years and a hundred years we have been together with love, we quickly rebuilt.
Natasha lying on his back legs wide open. Irina is Natasha cancer between his legs and began to kiss and lick her pussy. Natasha, Irina stroked her hair, and at the same time presses it firmly to her pussy. And I get a member in Irinin pussy and begin to furiously peck her, as if to break it in two. Hands, I caress Irinin chest. And love machine went on a new path, where the mechanisms of this machine is clearly lapped and every detail is in place executes strictly for her intended function.
We deliver pleasure each other in this position for two minutes, and the first can not stand Natasha and shouts. The second, followed a minute later with a tremor in all parts of the body screams Irina.
I catch up with them only three minutes after Irene. And for the first time I pour in Irinin pussy portion of sperm.
Then I pull out my dick and shove in the ass Irinin quite narrow. From what I bow Irina feet and strung her ass on his cock with great force so that Irina screams in pain. But after a few movements of my cock in her ass, her face swimming in bliss. I'm starting to gather momentum in her narrow ass. Irina, with one hand, begins to fondle breasts Natasha. And the other three fingers on the entire length of the part of the Natashkiny pussy, and begins to move it forward - backward. And Natasha hands caressing her breasts and body.
Three young, healthy, hungry for love, the body re-work, appease each other and moving to whose name - bliss. And after about three minutes to merge voice trio. Creek three stunned men orgasm again shook the already filled with the smell of sweat, sperm and female nectar air. Long moans, does not seem to know the end. Hard work, each of us in his place prolongs them.
And when we in turn calms down, everything falls sharply on the wide bed.
Irina is the middle three fingers and penetrates the pussy Natasha. I'm lying on the right side of the whole mouth Irene and three fingers to penetrate into her pussy. And Natasha, lying on its side on the left, kisses his chest, Irina, and his hand holding my cock, stroking it as if in gratitude.
Caress, so of each other, and rested in this position, we once again rebuilt.
I go back to bed. Irina sit on my neck and starts to rub on my pussy lips.
Natasha takes my cock in her mouth and starts to suck it up and thrust deeper, making movement in the mouth of his mouth., In the mouth of his mouth.
I lick sperm from expiring pussy Irina and her hands stroked her ass.
More takes a little time, and we are again in a furious orgasm explode their cries organisms. From Irina speed resulting amplified beatitudes. I greedily swallow them.
And Natasha takes in the mouth liquid of my happiness.
Froze for a second after the last orgasm, Irina falls on the bed and falls silent from fatigue.
And I get up on my knees and put in front of Irina cancer Natasha, and start to fuck her in the ass, feeling the joy with which, ass Natasha receives this gift of fate.
-Oh, how nice - with Preston says Natasha, and her ass on my cock stretched to the end and removed from my cock, pulled and released. Three minutes before the concert weary sigh Irina pass during an orgasm its partners.
Loud cry together with Natasha and another five minutes fuck her in the ass, and ending again, we fall with Natasha about Irene.
I lay between his mistresses, and hugged and kissed them one by one on the lips, I say how much I love them and how wonderful that we still have fifteen days to come.
That's all my dear and beloved readers. That's a new story just for you. I was very sincere in it.
Write, reputation ratings, and do not forget your Zuzu. And it is for you to even try.
My address: [email protected]

Audit: Sexy completion

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ergey and Light met at work. He had to buy a large trading business, as light as the most talented auditor selling company boss - Alexander instructed to accompany transaction. Many hours of Sergei and Light performed side by side at the computer, turning the mountains statements over the years. And Sergei has already become accustomed to the smell of her hair, to the warmth of his knees during occasional touch under the table. Sometimes, tired of the ripple figures before his eyes, he allowed himself to be switched off and some time just listening Svetin breathing or the sound of her voice. Often Light leaned too close for office standards, and she lost the thread of the dispute, be silent and blushed heavily, seeing Sergei noticed her embarrassment.
However, his style of communication remained stressed business. Payment for the purchased business is expected in several stages, depending on what kind of "skeletons in the closet" is not to be found, and then get out at the most inopportune moment. Light is also aware of the responsibility that lay on it. It is understood that the "new broom" starts with the redeployment, and she was dying to stay in the company, which she considered home.
Introducing the future buyer with the leadership of regional offices (and the man accumulated 50 and all entirely men) it was scheduled for the end of December. Boss allocated for this purpose a "hunting lodge" as much as 200 km from Moscow. It was assumed that day, Sergei and Light conduct informational interviews with the "Regions" and the entertainment program was scheduled for the evening.
Alexander bragged that he had invited "specially trained team", while his eyes gleamed lewdly. Light himself considered him "old goat", guessed about the role of the "team", and hoped to get away immediately after the official part, hoping that Sergei will take her to Moscow. Sam Alexander stopped to check how things are going, and then left, wanting to keep the distance with subordinates. Before leaving, he asked Sergei: "See to it that our girl does not hurt."
But Sergei did not think to go anywhere!
As such, toilets and showers in the office or guest rooms were not in the house. Instead, on the second floor housed a complex with a few showers at the sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool for swimming and a toilet.
Return of the Light and went at the end of a working day since separate toilet on the floor used by men. What he saw shocked her so much that the World forgot what came back. The place was occupied by "team". Man 10 girls 20-25 years preparing for the performance. They dressed, painted, took a shower, nonchalantly chatting with each other. The outfits were minimalist, rather bikini with decorations, bright makeup, it was a matter to an end. But among scattered throughout beauticians clearly stood jars of lubricants and ... tails! Tails is a bundle of synthetic hair very different lengths and shapes to attach to anal expander. Finishing dress, every girl, as if nothing had happened, dipped in grease extender, moved apart buttocks with one hand, and the second inserts the tail inward. He opened another door leading into the conservatory, and "artistic director" began loudly to give some orders.
Through the open door, I saw the light scene with poles spaced tables in the restaurant, and a crowd of excited men clamoring for them.
Sergei table she found in the corner of the room. It was the only table where instead of chairs was a corner sofa. A place of honor! His face was full of boyish enthusiasm, he immediately handed the Light drinks, and her question "we will not go to Moscow?" Did not answer, because there was a loud music, and the program began. Light is nothing to do but to hide in a corner with a cocktail.
"Art director" really knew his stuff. After two performances strippers temperature in the room began to rise. Some even began to allow himself to pat on the buttocks waitress, a mini-skirt that looked just puritanical on the background of the speakers outfits girls.
Then came the water pipes on each table that was setting half-dressed waiter with a butterfly on a bare torso. Whether hookah was not easy, either in cocktails that something has been added, but by the end of the first hour of the program in the psyche of the crowd there were some significant changes. Very important. The alarm bell ringing in Sveta's head without letting it become tipsy, made note of the fact that men's enthusiasm began to sound like something louder than usual, and their eyes were tightened languishing uncontrollable excitement.
Two beautiful girls in particular demonstrated on stage lesbian game so fascinating that Svetlana attention fully focused on the stage. At first the girls were kissing tongues, caressing the shoulders and arms of each other, when they began to take turns playing with papillae, Svetlana felt excitement. Then the girl took position 69 and started licking each other clits.
The men, most of them scantily clad, young and old, fat and thin, jumped up from their seats and began to crowd the stage, trying to see all the details of cunnilingus close. Light was hard to see, she came to herself, and climb into the crowd of half-naked and apparently firmly drunk men did not. Sergei also took the opportunity to confidently approach the World. In his sweet eyes, she guessed, the long-awaited compliment is about to follow, but ...
The first lost control of himself young. Presentation interrupted. Lesbian carried off to different corners of the stage, and in the tangle of naked male buttocks Light could see a glimpse of a female mouth, obediently sucking someone's cock, and a pair of pink heels, lifted her up. In another corner of the stage there was more order.
She put on her stomach so fuck it "in the two ends": behind and in the mouth, and the men began to cluster in two stages.
Light tried to hide in a corner of the sofa and close his eyes, fumbling in the dark, and a hand Sergei seeking his support. The sound of music is noticeably quieter and Light opened her eyes only ringing staked dishes. Solid under 50, four men either from Irkutsk, whether from Ekaterinburg to the other end of the hall filled up on the table the waitress, tearing off her clothes, and she screamed piteously, resisting all weaker and weaker. Start right in front of her gang rape waitress Amy has caused such panic that, beside herself, she jumped up and ran to the door, glad that the passage is not busy.
I tried to go outside - locked, all the utility rooms on the ground floor closed, nowhere to hide. Climb to the 2nd floor where the office was Alexander, I tried to take refuge there.
The door is not locked from the inside. Light for some time stood in the darkness, coming to himself from the horror, holding a pen. "Well, what of it? - She said to herself, I'm almost 30, to anyone I'm here is not necessary, all these girls are a pro, no one paid any attention to me all evening. Even Sergei. The fed them interesting? Will cost. " In the hallway, he heard loud voices, and then another, the sounds of the struggle, the groans, the voice again, slamming doors of guest rooms, again voices, women's moans. Light struggled clenched hand on the door, waiting with fear, when someone tries to enter. But no one came. Instead it started scuffling and inaudible whisper at the door, and then the rhythmic tapping of the wall. Light suddenly realized that can not hide. What to look for Sergei and hide behind them.
Light quietly opened the door and slipped out into the corridor. Now it was brightly lit, and when her eyes adjusted to the light after the dark cabinet, she saw something that frightened her so. Waiter with pants to the knee pants standing with her face and chest wall. Both hands, he moved apart my buttocks to the maximum opening of Sveta's eyes hairless pink hole anus. And one of the "regionals" was enjoying a leisurely game of penetration: it inserted him his ... member on the eggs, then again I took out the outside to re-enter. During the deepest frictions nothing to think raped waiter banging his head against the wall, but apparently did not pay attention to it. Light moved to the side of the hall, one of the doors was open, and lying on the threshold of a brilliant tail. Light peeked inside. Girl lying on her side on the bed, one of the men fucking her in the ass, holding the leg in the air, the other gave her mouth.
Two more members of a rampant standing in line for a blowjob. Seeing the Light, one of them with a smile, he gestured. Light pulled away and ran down the hall, not daring to look into the other door.
Apparently, the whole composition of "specially trained team of" Alexander Vasilyevich found himself already involved. Across the hall there, then there continued orgy. Sergei was in place. He was reclining on the couch, and two girls sitting on the floor at his feet, savored his dick. Light did not sit near, she clung to the right shoulder Sergei thigh, moving it from the state of nirvana sweet. The first thing that Sergei did was put his hand under her skirt Light and began to fumble with his hand on the inside of the thighs, pressing Light sweet to his shoulder.
- Can I'll stay with you? I'm afraid - Light leaned forward, pressing his chest against my head and trying to speak in his ear.
- Yeah, - said Sergey drawl. Hypnotize Light watched as his penis appears and disappears in a female mouth. Girls clearly playing for time, they enjoyed it a leisurely slow blowjob, where almost there was no passion. How slow relaxed quiet music, Sergeeva lust nearing orgasm Sveta eyes. And the light flowed. His hands continued to fondle her crotch, pull off her panties and pantyhose, but Svetin juice he has experienced through them.
- You are quite wet, take off your panties.
- Not now, not here - he meanders Light forced herself to tear her eyes from Sergeeva member. Immediately she noticed several pairs of eyes, facing them from the hall. Sergei turned to show double suction, around their table was about a group of unremitting men with dull eyes.
- Please get out of here, cover me, Well you promised Alexander Vasilyevich - began whispering chatter of Light - I'll do everything myself, go back to your room, - Sergey continued to enjoy sponges professional women and did not react.
- Let them go, please, I'm very dososu, you'll see how great I am able, and let?
Sergei said.
- The girls thank you! We will continue to do, okay?
Girls recoiled with an incredulous look. In support of these words and actions of light fell on the floor between the legs of Sergei. And ... The smoking with lust, shiny beautiful member of a stake sticking out in front of her eyes. Light tried to close his eyes, but pulled herself together, looked into the eyes of Sergei - who watched with anticipation, and the trunk slightly bent to her with both hands, sent the head in her mouth.
From the fear in her mouth was dry, and it took some time before she was sucking only the head to mouth watered. Sergei member was so delicious that once World thought about it, her own lust hit her in the abdomen hot wet wave. She closed her eyes and began to suck the fun, not caring about the audience. Only once she parted for ever, to make sure that free the girl did not give bored, but somewhere dragged.
Light tried to iso all the forces. After some time, Sergei began to moan loudly, and in a few moments, brackish viscous jet struck Svetin palate, filling the mouth with sperm. Light sucked and swallowed everything. Not removing Seregin member of his mouth, she waited until the last drop and sucked her.
Sergei slowly came to himself, to the extent that his penis fall off in Svetin mouth. Eyes became sober, but her eyes sparkled slyly on the contrary, she did not want to show the audience that could be present invisibly around, she was released.
- Okay, come with me, - Sergey suddenly thought of her requests. - You really are magnificent.
After copulating "eye" room, he did not dare to carry the Light. Hand in hand, they slipped "behind the scenes" in the bath and shower complex. Suddenly there was no one there. Sergey Light pushed into an opaque shower and slipped after himself. Without saying a word, he began pulling off her and his clothes. Falling to his knees, Sergei crumpled it into a shapeless heap, "exposed" to the outside and slammed the shutters again. Light turned on the water, a hand adjusting its temperature, and Sergey remained kneeling. Her sharp papillae balanced before his face.
Light Sergei grabbed with both hands the buttocks, belly pressed to his chest and his mouth caught one of the papillae. The smell of her skin, the scent of her excitement - all hit in the head Sergei. He eagerly caressed Svetlana's body with his strong hands. It began a long intoxicating kiss, during which Sveta knees began podkashivatsya. Finally, looking to each other, they began lathering each other's bodies. Washing has become a game. And when he started with one hand to wash her anus, and the second - to wash the lips sex, out of their mouths in unison I broke the phrase "I want you."
- Come on - I shall find my room, - Sergey has called the dried and dressed girlfriend. Snatched from the pile of things "dancers" a jar of lubricant, they slipped out into the corridor. The waiter was standing in the same position as last time, but now it is already fucked some other guy. On passing by a couple, they did not react. Other doors were closed. For many of them could be heard the characteristic sounds ...
In the room without saying a word, Sergei fussy hands began to undress again, and then stripping the Light. It seems that the action of "chemistry", which he sipped either in the hookah, or in a cocktail, was resumed. A member of his was standing on end and constantly poked in all parts of Sveta's body. They kissed again for a long time, Light noticed that his eyes tightened languishing desires. She firmly seize the initiative. Stacked Sergei on his back, she covered him with kisses from top to bottom. Game Center is made a member. Carefully licked the head, she moved to the soles of the feet, by hand, alternating kisses with tongue caresses. And then she again returned to the member to move away already on the new route. Sergey uttered some inarticulate sounds of lowing, reacting violently to her caresses. At some point, he threw back his head, showing a clearly defined chin deer. Light broke down and stopped the game.
Having missed his head between his legs, he sat Light pussy on the face of Sergei. Obediently he began to lick her clit, sponges hole. Light pussy slightly moved his lips, putting his tongue most delicious place. And suddenly she wanted the wild unbridled passion, Light began vigorously rubbing the clitoris against his chin, abundantly wetting it with their secretions from the pussy. It is several motions brought themselves to orgasm. Sergey similar scenario was in wonder, his eyes looked stunned to light from the bottom up.
- Wow! My turn! - Sergei tears on the floor, put obmyagshuyu Light on all fours on the bed, sing to him. Light humbly felt his fingers began to apply the lubricant to cool the anus. "It is necessary? - I would like to ask the Light, but myself mentally the same and said: - condom is not. "
Initial penetration Sergei fingers were not deep, he alternated them from smallest to largest, Sveta's wariness gave way to relaxation. The pleasure grew, the light began to gradually go down on his stomach on the bed, pushing his legs wide. Then Sergei flipped her onto her back so that the priest hung down from the bed, and put a member of the anus.
- Help me - Light obediently spread her buttocks with both hands, Sergei pressed, she closed her eyes, Sergey pushed further, Light felt the head of his penis ... has penetrated into the anus. For a moment, Sergei stopped to enjoy as Sveta's ass tightly wraps his nature. Then he staggered, increasing penetration of Light screamed, already more in surprise than pain, and took his penis in its entirety. More Sergei himself was not in control. Bestial passion awakened by screeching Svetlana, took possession of him, and he began to vigorously fuck Light in the ass. His hands held her legs below the knees, dull eyes considering, as a member of the penetrating, almost leaving the ass Amy.
She finished first, during one of the most striking movements of his penis, violently arched abdomen forward to meet him. The second time she had finished, already felt like a member of the exploded tight jet of sperm inside her ....
Orgasm, Sergei, panting, leaned into the light all over, caught her mouth with his lips, kissed her parched mouth ... while they silently came to himself, without changing his position. Sveta's legs still-invitingly helplessly stuck to the top. Finally, his cock went limp, fell out of the anus, Sergei slid helplessly on the bed next to the light with her head resting on her shoulder. Sveta's legs fell to the floor, and she felt the priests poured out sperm. For a while she tried to get used to it, but the unpleasant sensations overpowered. Sergey dozed off, "Go - Changeling" - decided to Light. It seems that experiences pleasure dulled sense of danger, do not leave the whole evening. Light dressed but pants left on the bed, so as not to smudge them on copious.
Listened. No new sounds in the hallway could be heard. Betrayed silence, Light leaned into the hallway. The waiter was in the same place, and now he was sitting on the floor in a pool of semen, leaning back against the wall. Some guy standing with his back to the light, completely silent waiter fucked in the mouth. Light slipped past them unnoticed, looked into the still empty the shower, slipped inside .... And, once again he looked around, turned to lock the door behind him. Thump on the opposite side knocked her door. The shower was broken into two angry men with standing members. Light first grasped with both hands over his ears and jerk pulled her head to his stomach:
- Suck!
Light tried to free his head, his hands seemed to her man of steel:
- I'm not a whore ...
- Suck on, come on, and that still today we will invite men - in the second man's voice could be heard mocking, he began to attach his penis at Sveta's face.
A member of the first poked her lips, she tried to push their hands. Again, nothing happened, but in the right hand turned out to be as hard as a wooden stake of the second member. He grunted, Light looked up and met up with their eyes. The views of men did not promise anything good. Scraps some thoughts flashed through Sveta's head, she sighed and opened her mouth, making sponge trim ring. A member of the first penetrated her mouth, stared at the palate and moved on to the throat. Light choked, caught a member of the left hand and began to suck passionately. She did not want to give the initiative rapists, not to choke members during a blowjob.
She sucked in turn to one, then the other. Sucking passionately, not relishing, and without worrying about the distance of their orgasms. "Near" Light thought really like to see it all ended quickly, until Sergei woke up, did not go to look for it and did not find here in this form, with two members in the mouth. "Back" thought she remembered about her ass, which sat on the floor, in every way masking a wet spot Sergeeva sperm, sprawling on the skirt. Sveta's art has not gone unnoticed. The first is somehow held back by pulling the culmination, but the second "floated". It seems he has not got the girl this evening, Light felt that his cock is about to listen to her lips and burst in your mouth. Second groaned, his legs buckled, and he began to fall limply to the floor. Light decided not to let his cock out of his mouth, and his head followed him, being on all fours. She hurried, added pet tongue movements: "faster, faster, that's it ...." Suddenly she felt that lust covers it, that the excitation of the male member in the mouth referred to it.
She groaned in frustration that its nature has given it. And I felt that this moan even more aroused and the man and herself.
First, it seemed, he was delighted his break. He walked around the back of the Light, and pulled up her skirt, exposing her ass.
- Wow! Just look, Maksimych! And the ass fuck. And he says it's not a slut - Light almost cried from impotence - Maksimych, a hole you do not want to change?
Maksimych wanted. He was moaning loudly, giving full member in the power of Sveta's mouth.
First expertly installed cancer Light, parted her thighs to the desired height of it, giving the correct tilt it back so as not to interrupt the blow Maksimych. Light dutifully waited penetration. Which turned out to be a surprise. She still felt the two men's hands on his hips, head of the penis when the self-parted lips sex Sveta and untouched pussy today and sob stopped .... Such meager tiny teasing movements of Light did not expect. She leaned back, podmahivaya new member, arching his back so that the clasp of his pussy as deep as possible, to touch him all their sweet spots.
But man, held her by the hips:
- Quiet, small, quiet ... Do not hurry. Dosasyvay Maksimych, I Wait. Later…
Light howled from this attitude to himself, and redoubled efforts lips, mercilessly sucking dick Maksimych. Privately, she noted that she still managed to deeply planted pussy on a member of the first man. What he still touched the uterus, and ... orgasm overtook her, as soon as a member in the mouth twitching, filling the throat and cheeks sperm. Before she could decide to swallow or not to swallow the sperm of another man, pulled back, opening his mouth, letting it free to pour out his chin, and a member of the all splashed and splashed her forehead, hair, staring eyes ... but the light did not notice all this, surrendering feeling his orgasm ... .. She felt powerful arms are raising her to her feet.
- Go-go, - a man brought her to the sink, facing the mirror, and strongly tilted, his chest and abdomen on the marble wash table.
In the second intrusion is no quivering delicacy was not. Ambushed a member of the most eggs the very first movement, a man began vigorously Svetin fuck pussy, did not care about her feelings. She is not required. It is not yet departed from the previous orgasm, but now she just enjoyed, and Svetin nature somehow it does not object ....
- On the one leg stand? - Not waiting for an answer, trahatel threw his left leg Amy on the same table. With ringing squelching drew copiously lubricated member, and at the same rate drove cock into her ass. Now gaze stunned Maksimych Sveta both holes were open. During each frictions in the ass, pussy lips, first revealed, and then closed in time with every movement.
- Ohrenet can !, - encouraged by this remark buddy, the guy has already wound up in earnest, and felt light as a member in the ass as if began to swell ...
- More more more! - Light discovered that thinks out loud when the door opened and the head of Sergei got into the shower. She watched in the mirror as Maksimych rises, blocking the path of Sergei, and closed her eyes ...
- That's my girl, - Sergey indignant voice sounded somehow muffled and Light felt that .... rolls back the pleasure.
- Hang on a moment now Borisych dotrahaet her, and she once again your ...
Sergey hesitated, and he and Maksimych, mesmerized watching the disclosed - closes Sveta pussy.
And Borisych began to finish. Light with growing excitement felt as blind thrusts in the priest enters a new portion of sperm. Sweet weakness gripped the bottom of her stomach, and when Borisych with ringing learned from the priests still hard cock, cum Light again. Very, very quiet drawl squeak like a mouse ...
Then ... she cried silently for a long time, wiping tears Sergei chest and another's dried semen, telling how she was forced to suck as she complied, fearing that the perpetrators will be more. Sergei did not seem interested in her excuse, he carefully washed her body. Wipes have become familiar movements with a towel, carried him to his room, put a little, trying to cover with a blanket.
"But I'm not a little" - thought of Light with some strange fury, and demanded:
- Take me!
- Please, please, please - she whined, pulling off Sergei pants - take really me, love me.
She took in the whole mouth smelling soap Sergei member and gentle sucking motion made a new erection. Her pussy continued unmet abundantly flowing juices of lust. He covered her with his big strong body, and Light gratefully clung to him, feeling new and already last entry on today with the mandatory long, long, purifying, forgiving all ... orgasm.

Party in the country

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Olechka was very faithful girl. With Sergei had met during a cruise on the boat, since 2 years did not leave. Sergo was her first boyfriend. Olga was pretty. Short, petite, she had a good third breast size, light mane of curly hair and sparkling blue eyes.
Impending third joint new year. We decided to celebrate with friends in the country. Villa was large, spacious, it had a lot of rooms and small corners. The party did not promise anything interesting. As always, there were a lot of people, it was crowded, noisy, smoky. Olya sad at the window. Her Sergey so carried away by drinking in the company of men that left her alone. By Igor I approached the window and asked Ole dance. Strong, lean, with cornflower-blue eyes, Igor was the idol of all the girls, and Olga agreed.
Igor hugged her, hugged her, whirled in the dance. She felt that he was not a little agitated: a noticeable hump on the jeans bored through her blouse in the abdominal area.
- Igor, are you? - She wanted to pull away, but he was not allowed, and drew her to him, whispering in your ear:
- Olga, I have long for you to go crazy, cute, relax, I just want you to feel good ...
Why is his voice on the body goosebumps, touch burned. And when he was a little bit delicate pink ear and kissed him on the body he ran cramp.
- Be with me, but today I really beg you ...
Olga did not notice that they have long since left the noisy common room. Once in the small guest room, Igor closed the door and began eagerly to kiss a girl. His hands caress her body, freeing from blouses, breeches ... When the girl was left in his underwear, Igor removed her from herself and whispered:
- You are so Beautiful..
Openwork red bra emphasized perfect chest and did not hide from the protruding nipple excitement. Little panties made even more seductive line of the hips, buttocks soft edging hemisphere. Hesitating, Olga stood expectantly looking at the guy. His head was buzzing, the abdomen was a fire, she did not understand what he does.
Igor again drew her to him and began to kiss her lips, her neck, her shoulders, her cleavage. Releasing the chest of the bra, demanding stuck into tight pink nipples. Olya, beside himself, plucking at his hair, causing her head to lower and lower. He kissed cream delicate stomach, pulled teeth panty fabric and pressed his lips to her lips, sucking clit tongue caressing the entrance to the cave oozing. Olga cried, curled, it was shaking. Igor grabbed it and put it on the bed. When he returned to his task, he was kissing the clitoris, the tender skin inside of the thigh, and his finger slipped inside silky vagina, bringing the girl into a frenzy. But he did not let her finish, aloof, he was released from clothes and started to drive head standing member of the stomach, going down lower and lower, then the crotch, without going into teasing her, burning with desire. Igor member was little more than Sergei, with a beautiful, glossy head. Olya was burning with desire to feel within yourself this handsome and leaned forward, sobbed:
- Take me ... I want you ...
Igor did not make her wait a long time, his cock rushed inside, pushing the delicate vaginal wall. Olga cried, clutching the sheet nails. Inside it went fiery hot piston, each time coming very deeply, and then again almost completely out and penetrated her again and again ... Igor put his hand between their bodies, his finger felt a pea clitoris and began to massage her, all furiously Buravlev vagina girlfriend. She shuddered again in the sweet spasm, opened his eyes ... and locked eyes with Sergei. He stood on the threshold of the room, watching the action on his jeans was obvious that he was very excited - a member of literally bursting tight pants.
Igor, noting that his partner stopped, stepped back, and Sergei saw.
- Join us, brother, Olechka not mind. - He winked.
Model Behavior, Sergey Olga fucked in the pussy and she sucked a member of Igor, wet, smelling her own secretions. Igor held her head and began to strongly push in his cock down her throat, planting it on the eggs and not letting her pull away. The coarseness of the tender recently guy has got her, she began herself fed forward, caressing the dick tongue and lips. Igor groaned and closed his eyes. Seeing this development, Sergey moistened fingers from pussy girlfriend and began to lubricate her ass. Second hand he caressed her breasts, pulling and painfully exciting nipple. Olga felt that ends, if a bomb exploded inside, a wave of pleasure covered her head, tightened muscles of the vagina, caressing Sergei member. Igor could not stand the first, once again drove his cock to its full length, he groaned and finished. Olga swallowed all the sperm, licking fallen member, and cried out: Sergei member left squelching pussy and her ass bored. He looked huge and hot virgin ass resisted, but Sergei pressed harder and a member came into the narrow hole. He just took it out and abruptly entered, making the rotational movement. From Olya eyes welled tears, she moaned in pain and tried to pull away, but Sergei was holding her, and all sit down quickly on a standing member of the stake.
Igor, to support her, and began to kiss her lips, breasts, rubbing the clitoris with your fingers. Olya again floated, a member in the ass started to bring her pleasure, she moaned and even began podmahivat Sergei. Igor, eyes asking permission from Serega, put your dick again risen to suzivshemusya vagina girl, had to enter with the strength, the pleasure of close holes was incredible, he groaned and started fucking girl, all accelerating pace. Sandwiched between the two guys, Olga moaned, biting and scratching: it hurt her, stretched pussy and ass movement brought pain, but also unreal excitement. Writhing, she came several times. Igor is adapted to the pace of Sergei, they simultaneously introduced each member in its hole, stretching the perineum. Long so could not continue, tightness and movement of another member, perceived through the barrier, have done their job and the guys had finished almost simultaneously, filling in all the holes girl sperm. Olya, tired, rastrahannaya, almost immediately fell asleep, and the guys for a long time sitting in the kitchen garden, drinking beer.
In the morning Olya went into the kitchen. She was terribly ashamed, the whole body ached, were on the sides of bruises from Sergei fingers. Something like disguised semen on the bed, she decided to drink coffee and think about what to do next. Sergei was in the kitchen. She wanted to retreat until it is too late, but he noticed her, got up and kissed her on the lips. Olya confused.
- You know, I'm so ..- with tears in her eyes she said. it is not clear what came over her yesterday. After all, she's never ...
- Baby, I'll tell you a terrible thing. This was our insidious conspiracy Igorehoy. You're not mad at us? - Serge winked at her and smiled. - You were at the height of, honey. I love you.
Sergei leaned over and kissed her on the lips. In his eyes, jumping imps.
- Happy New Year, Olga, - he buried his nose in her hair and whispered in his ear - say, like the New Year meet, so spend it ...

Sweet lady

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It was the middle of the street poured cold oktyabrya.Na dozhd.Ya going into another night shift on the route gazel.Rabotayu private predpriyatii.V our city bus almost the only transport as trolleys every year becomes less and less, and almost did not quite , well worth the taxi as it should be five times the number of minibuses dorozhe.I so we go at night, not well, certainly not all night, what to carry air, but in the 3.00 and 5.00 if you wait 20 minutes, then it could uehat.Passazhiry at night of course was not very good, generally drunk young, but fed and ladno.Tak both nights we worked a little minibuses, even night shifts, we did not have a lot of 2-3 per month.
And they were more romantic than a heavy trudom.Nochnoy, a two-hour lunch, few people used for its intended purpose, but of course not, and we are honest men, but including I prefer the night shift at lunch a little romantic adventure, such as to remove any a whore, or at worst to chip and cause a couple of girls for 4-5 persons on the final and fuck them in someone else marshrutke.Tem more than I do nothing to stesnyatsya.Ya single, constant friend was not there, so it was novelettes, but not prodolzhitelnye.Da and me in my 22 they were not needed poka.Zhil I together with my mother, yet I had a sister, but she lived with her mother zhenihom.S my relationship was very close and we had not talked about almost embarrassed vs¸m.Ona happy and with a smile listened to my stories about everything, about the work, about the girls and our nocturnal adventures, which I sometimes boasted to her and painted these harlots, she just kept saying that when I finally get married.
My mother was a beautiful woman 40 years.He was rosta.E¸ medium blond hair was arranged in a perfect kare.E¸ sweet face and big eyes decorated with tender, juicy gubki.S bit full, but charming figure with grudyu4 size and elegant taliey.Pyshnoy ass to her hips, but with a very feminine tv¸rdenkimi, myasistenkimi nozhkami.Ona and now I had fun in the night, to cheer and podderzhivaya.I I'm in a good mood otrulil cheerfully polnochi.Smena was like obychno.Ya hopefully trying to speak to a fellow traveler, wishing romance for which I have always had a couple of packs of condoms, but my charm or not impressive today no one, or girls who were traveling with me I was indifferent, but the conclusion was sad to go have the old address rather vsego.Ya called peasants and everything went to the fact that we probably have to be thrown off, as with whores something vezlo.Vsego tonight wheels 5 minibuses.
Time was already in 3.00, four taxis were in the final but one bus was not yet, although the schedule he had to be here still vtorym.My called him and asked him for so long and that he is with us, and then we without him we organize devochek.Na that he only asked us to wait with joy saying that everything is already there, that he is now switching speed prevents a young woman, horizontally located in the cockpit of his head to the driver, and once freed, immediately bring it to us, adding, that she does not mind to continue their evening in the company.We excitedly waited for prey friend prirugivaya his nerastoropnost.Vot finally to the ultimate flew gazelle, all eyes rushed to her, and I was surprised, in the light of a lantern, saw a beautiful woman I am sitting next to the driver his mat.Ya was shocked and did not even know how to react Mama always differed beautiful modesty, kindness, charm and restraint, and was brought up on Soviet foundations.
-Tasty, ripe, probably paradise-licking woman said muzhiki.Konechno how do they know that this is my mother.
The man went happily to the gazelles came to us and happily boasted:
-Hot motley one never broke down, picked up on the last lap, so good right now sucked complete bliss, and not continue protiv-
I calmly listened angrily that for games, well, this time from mama.V gazelle got out and beautiful, both on the podium went to my mum, she was clearly made up and dressed in a sexually open, red, leather coat just above the knees, under the which it was fair-haired woolen blouse and black short enough free yubka.Na legs were stockings, flesh-colored and red boots with high heels.
-Hello boys cheerfully greeted her.
- How is night, entertain me, she asked around fun.
The men immediately overwhelmed her with compliments and shutkami.Ya behaved spokoyno.Mama fun laughing and flirting with the men.
-Well, show your gazelle-sweet voice demanded mom.
The men looked at me like I was the youngest.
-Not me this beautiful woman going to take home, I played up to my mother
-Well then, I ask you-and one of the men took her mother's hand gently led her to the minibus and gallantly helped her up in salon.My as always watched from afar and commented on and discussed in a dark bus vs¸.No nothing vidno.No some time bus zakochalas, rocking harder and harder, even here I felt funny nemnogo.Vskore man got out and immediately dived into a minibus second.
-The section in the mouth made, and then put fucked and cumshot in the mouth, so you do not spoil kayf., proudly showed off the first.
Again taxi zakachalas.Na this time could be heard even in the sweet female postanyvaniya.Potom minibus climbed tretiy.A we respectfully greeted vtorogo.Tak same with chetv¸rtym.Vse proudly told the details of his adventures, but it was actually exactly the same blowjob, pussy, and finished them in rot.Potom guys looked at me questioningly.
-Do not I'll take home, it is necessary to draw such a sweet lady, I insisted.
Guys were happy the night was a success for five, so tasty got zhenschina.Chetv¸rty told my mother that she vyhodila.Minut in five out of the car tired but my character came mama.Ona was a bit tacky and without tights, together with the panties she was carrying and going to the trash threw them.
-And boy you really do not like me? -milo And gently she asked me.
-I'll take you home now, but down the road and discuss your krasotu., I played up my mother.
Guys fun to jump on a minibus and left for grafiku.Ya mother planted the first seat next to him, I started the minibus and drove domoy.Nekotoroe we molchali.Potom I could not resist.
-Mom I certainly do not care, but why involve me something, walk, where no one knows and no uznaet.-
-Forgive me, my sweet, almost weeping with joy, that I spoke to her mom apologizing.
-I love you so much, I wanted to be your and toboy.Ya so jealous of the maids of whom you rasskazyval.Ya me at all agree that at least a little bit to stay favorite toboy.Ya thought that if it will do, find myself instead girls you look at me like I zhenschinu.Ya'll give you all my nezhnost.-she begged me.
I hugged her and pozhalel.Skazal that she was my mom and that I forgive her everything everything in the world, because of the love her and believe that she loves me.
During the day I went to sleep, I washed raboty.Mama and also lay spat.Kogda woke up, my mother fed me a delicious uzhinom.Ona was rested and refreshed and very krasivaya.Potom we sat on the couch and gently embracing beseduya.A then my mother took away my hand to his bed and gave me one of the sweetest nights of my zhizni.My and fell asleep embracing ...

Íàçàä Âïåðåä